Verdicts & Cases

 In June 1977, Peter Kopff tried his first case and it resulted in a successful defense verdict. Since then, he has taken over 150 verdicts. Known for his resourceful cross examinations, Mr. Kopff has several jury victories that have been featured in the National Law Journal and New York Law Journal.

Mr. Kopff and his outstanding legal team are fearless, meticulous, resourceful and diligent counsel. Below are some highlights of their achievements:

Peter Kopff Successfully Defends Complex Spinal Lawsuit on Tenth Day of Trial:

  • In November of 2018, Peter Kopff successfully took over as lead defense counsel on the tenth day of a major trial in New York County defending a hospital and renowned spine deformity surgeon. The plaintiff’s two attorneys were talented and accomplished, each with over 40 years of trial experience and four years preparing the case on trial. Attorney Kopff seamlessly stepped into the case having only Thanksgiving week to review the testimony of plaintiff’s seven expert witness. Mr.  Kopff cross-examined a formidable plaintiff, his equally impressive spouse and called nine witnesses presenting the entire defense in seven trial days. Peter Kopff gave trial summation on his eighth day in the trial.
  • Co-counsel on the case said that Mr. Kopff clarified the issues and focused on proximate causation presenting a compelling defense, which Michael LaValva of AIG described as “outstanding and without precedent.” Judge d’Anduste described Kopff’s summation as a “game changer.” 

Peter Kopff Recieves Distinguishes Sevice Award for Trial Lawyer:

  • On January 25, 2017, the New York State Bar Assiciation Trial Lawyers Section presented the Distinguished Service Award to Peter Kopff in recognition to his outstanding contribution as “a trial lawyer and to the section at large”.

Peter Kopff Secures Defense Verdicts in Queens and New York County:

  • In December 2017, Peter Kopff obtained a defense verdict in a Supreme Court, Queens County Medical malpractice case. The case alleged a failure to diagnose a lethal cellulitis. The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict on December 15, 2017.
  • In October 2017, Peter Kopff obtained a defense verdict in a Supreme Court, New York County medical malpractice case alleging failure to a timely diagnose on a borderline ovarian tumor. The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict.

Plaintiff Drops $15 Million Dollar Commercial Lawsuit:

  • In April 2017, Plaintiff dropped a multi-million professional liability lawsuit against two attorneys and their law firm following Peter Kopff and his team’s aggressive discovery practice that revealed flaws in the case. After serving 30 affirmative defenses and 139 facts in a detailed Notice to Admit, the case against our clients was dropped prior to depositions

Defense Verdict in Failure to Involuntarily Commit Lawsuit:

  • In December 2016, Peter Kopff successfully defended a hospital in a case involving a claim of suicide of a depressed patient. Plaintiff’s counsel claimed the hospital’s social worker should have sought an involuntary commitment of the patient against the wishes of the patient and family. The wife agreed to watch the patient until he returned to his psychiatrist the next day. The plaintiff committed suicide eight days later. The jury agreed with Peter Kopff and returned a defendants verdict.

Defense Verdict in Penile Enhancement Case:

  • In January 2016,  Peter Kopff obtained a defense verdict in a Supreme Court, New York County case involving a penile enlargement surgery. The case resulted in a defendant’s verdict in favor of the non-settling plastic surgeon.

Defense Verdict in medical malpractice case involving alleged negligence performing a TURP procedure:

  •  In June 2013, Peter Kopff obtained a defense verdict in a Supreme Court, Kings County case involving a trans-urethral resection of the prostate(TURP) procedure.

Defense Verdict for Plastic Surgeon:

  • In July 2013, Peter Kopff obtained a defense verdict in a Supreme Court, Queens County medical malpractice case involving lack of informed consent against a plastic surgeon.

Kopff Featured in National Law Journal:

  • In January and February, 2002, Peter Kopff tried the Avery Levine by Lauren Levine case in the Supreme Court, New York County, Index #124206/99 before Judge Martin Schoenfeld. Peter Kopff represented defendant Joan Kent, M.D. in this case which involved brain injury in prematurely born twin girls. Lawrence Singer of the Roy Scaffidi law firm tried the  case. In this case, Peter Kopff was the first civil attorney in the United States to use puppets to cross-examine infants at trial as noted in the New York Law Journal and the National Law Journal. He successfully obtained a defendant’s verdict February 8, 2002.